Soft Wash vs Pressure Wash | What’s the Difference?

Cleaning the exterior surfaces of your home is extremely important. It not only improves the curb appeal of your home but also eliminates dirt, mildew, mold and grime which can cause damage to your home. Professional exterior cleaning services can save you time, effort and money. Exterior cleaning services often involve either pressure washing or soft wash pressure washing. Pressure washing makes use of water under high pressure to forcefully remove grime, dirt and organic material such as mold from surfaces. Soft washing involves the use of water at low pressure to clean surfaces. This type of washing relies on cleaning solutions to break down dirt and kill mold or mildew on surfaces.

What is soft washing?

Many people think that a soft wash house cleaning does not involve the use of pressure. However, the truth is much of the same equipment used for pressure washing is used for soft wash pressure washing . The difference is that the water is released at a low pressure (usually less than 500 pressure per square inch, PSI), hence the term ‘soft’. In fact, at Crystal Clean we have invested in a specialized, top-of-the-line soft washing system. 

This type of exterior washing also includes the use of special cleaning solutions. At Crystal Clean A1 Window Services, we use biodegradable cleaning solutions that are effective at loosening debris and killing mold and mildew without killing plants and grass around your home. Our cleaning solutions are environmental friendly. They won’t cause contamination to the soil around your home. 

The cleaning solutions used for cleaning the property’s exterior are effective at dissolving dirt and grime but do not strip any of the protective coatings on your home. The washing process will therefore get rid of stains, smudges, marks and organic matter such as algae, mold and mildew and leave your home’s exterior looking fresh and clean. 

The soft wash house professional cleaning process often involves preparing the surrounding area, e.g. putting a protective covering over plants to avoid damaging them during the washing process. Specialized equipment is sued to spray the cleaning solution on the exterior surfaces. Low pressure is used in this process to ensure gentle application of the solution. The cleaning solution is left on the surface to loosen and dissolve dirt and grime as well as to kill mold, algae or mildew on the surface. The time that the cleaning solution is left on the surface will depend on the dwell time of the cleaning solution as well as the type and state of the surface being cleaned. 

Dwell time refers to the period required for the cleaning solution to effectively dissolve or lift dirt and grime as well as kill algae, mold or mildew on the surface. Once this period has elapsed, the solution is rinsed off. This also involves the use of water at low pressure. There is no need for the use of pressure or scrubbing brushes as the cleaning solution is highly effective and will leave the surface looking fresh and clean.

Is soft wash better than pressure washing?

Both pressure washing and soft washing are effective at cleaning property exteriors. However, they are designed for different types of surfaces. Soft washing is preferred for surfaces that can be easily damaged due to pressure. Some of these surfaces include windows, screens, roof shingles, wood panel siding, vinyl siding, enclosures, lanais, outdoor wood furniture, stucco, coquina and cedar shake siding.  It is also used when pressure washing is deemed ineffective for getting rid of stains, dirt or grime. 

If you’re not sure which type of services to use for your home, contact our team. We’d be happy to inspect your home and determine the best washing techniques to apply for the best results. Our professionals will provide you with customized cleaning solutions to suit the different surfaces on your property.

How much does it cost to soft wash a house?

If you’ve searched for ‘soft wash house costs’, you may have noticed that the costs for these services vary quite a lot. This is because there are various factors that affect the costs. These include:

The size of the surface to be cleaned  

The cost of washing will depend on the total surface that needs to be washed. The cost will be dependent on the linear or square footage of the surface being washed. Therefore, if you have a large home, you can expect to pay more for exterior cleaning than a person with a smaller house. 

The type of project 

Contractors may also base the pricing on the type of project. For example, soft washing your roof will be more expensive than soft washing the walls of a single-story house. The design of the house as well as the type of siding or roofing materials may also influence the cost of the project. 

The condition of the surface 

The cost of cleaning is also influenced by the condition of the surfaces being cleaned. Will more preparation be required before cleaning? Does the surface require other treatment solutions in order for the soft wash to be effective? Does the surface require more intensive treatment to achieve results? 

The soft washing service you choose 

The cost will also be dependent on the service you choose. What is their level of experience? Are they an established service? What type of equipment will they be using? 

At Crystal Clean A1 Window Services, we provide both soft washing and pressure washing services. Our professional and experienced team will work with you to decide which services would suit your property best. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our services. We’d be happy to provide you with a quote for the services you need.