How is Soft Washing Done?

Neglecting the exterior surfaces of your home can result in damage. Dirty exterior surfaces can make your home look old and unkempt resulting in a reduction in curb appeal. Taking care of your home’s exterior surfaces is not only great for improving the curb appeal of your home but also protecting these surfaces from damage. We, Crystal Clean A1 Window Services are experts at soft washing. Our team will get rid of dirt, grime, mold and mildew on exterior surfaces on your home. We use cleaning methods and solutions that are gentle and will not cause damage to your property. Get in touch with us to access our soft washing service.

What is Soft Washing?

Soft washing is a method of cleaning that has revolutionized the home cleaning industry. This cleaning involves using water at low pressure to clean surfaces. Note here that soft wash doesn’t mean a lack of pressure. It simply means using low pressure. The wash is done with water at a low PSI (pressure per square inch) of 500 or less.
Many people go for a pressure wash which involves the use of water under high pressure. This is because they believe that high pressure is the best way to get rid of dirt, grime and stubborn stains. However, using water at low pressure can be just as effective. At Crystal Clean A1 Window Services, we use water at low pressure mixed with our specialized cleaning solutions. These cleaning solutions are gentle on surfaces but effective at loosening dirt and grime as well as at lifting stains. We’ll help you refresh your external surfaces without causing damage to them.

How is a Soft Wash Done?

How soft wash house cleaning is done will depend on the state of the surface being cleaned as well as the company carrying out the service. We at Crystal Clean A1 Window Services always start out by inspecting and preparing the area for cleaning. We will protect plants and grass and anything else in the area that could be damaged in the process of cleaning.
We make use of cleaning solutions that are gentle yet effective at getting rid of stains, lifting dirt and grime as well as killing mold and mildew. We’ve formulated our solutions based on years of experience cleaning surfaces. The solutions are mixed with water. A pump and hose are used to spray the surface with the mixture at low pressure.
Gentle application of cleaning solutions ensures that the surfaces being cleaned are protected from mechanical damage caused by high pressure washes. The cleaning solution is left on the surface in order to dissolve dirt and grime as well as to kill mold, mildew or other organic matter. It is then rinsed off using water at low pressure.

Equipment is used for Soft Wash

Soft washing cleaning involves a lot of the same equipment used for pressure washing. However, there are soft washing cleaning systems that are specifically developed for soft washing. The simplest set up for a soft wash may include a tank, a pump, a hose and a spray gun. This equipment is adequate for delivering the cleaning mixture onto the surface and therefore achieves the goal of applying the cleaning method.

Chemicals are used for Soft Wash

The specific chemicals and the concentrations in which they are used by one soft wash service to the next may vary. However, there are three main classes of chemicals used. These are:
· Bleach – bleaching agents are used to kill organic matter such as algae, mold, mildew and moss that may be growing on the surface being cleaned. Bleaching agents kills organic matter as well as their rooting systems to prevent further damage to surfaces.
· Surfactant – this helps to loosen dirt and grime on the surface. It dissolves dirt and helps to get rid of stains. It makes it easy to wash dirt and grime off the surface without scrubbing.

When to Use the soft washing Method

When people think of cleaning exterior surfaces in their homes, one of the first things that comes to their minds is a pressure wash. This involves the use of water under high pressure to clean surfaces. However, in many cases a soft wash is more appropriate for cleaning surfaces on the exterior of the home.

It is best to invest in soft wash house cleaning when you need to clean surfaces that are hard to clean with pressure. It is also advisable to use this method for surfaces that can be damaged by high pressure. Surfaces that could benefit from this method of cleaning include roof shingles, screens, windows and wood paneling.

Why you should use a soft wash on Your Roof

Roofs are exposed to damage by UV rays. They can also become damaged due to rot caused by leaves, branches and other debris that collects on the roof. Soft washing cleaning eliminates organic matter such as fungi, mold, plants and bacteria on the roof. It also helps to get rid of dirt and grime safety. You can restore your roof to its original look while avoiding the risk of damaging the roofing materials.

If you’re looking for a soft washing service, get in touch with us. Crystal Clean A1 Window Service offers efficient and effective cleaning services.