Why it’s important to clean your windows

In addition to making a home a brighter and cheerier place, cleaning your windows on a regular basis maintains the value of your home. Because glass is a porous material, whatever sits on it for any length of time can effect it. That might include hard water mineral deposits from sprinkler over-spray, oxidation from metal framed windows, or salt build-up if you live near the ocean. Eventually these deposits can lead to loss of transparency or permanent spots on the glass. Over time the glass can even become fragile and need to be replaced. Regular cleaning can remove these build-ups and prolong the life of your windows.

Why should you hire a professional to clean your home’s windows?

Maybe you are a DIYer and like to do things yourself. But there are many reasons why this is a job for a professional.

  • They come equipped with the right tools – ladders, cleaners, and squeegees to name a few. Because they use them on a regular basis, they are safer on a ladder, know which cleaners work best, and have the best squeegee techniques.
  • They look for issues that might cause problems in the future such as cracked or missing glazing, windows that don’t slide easily, and screens that might be old and torn.
  • They won’t panic if a spider or bee gets in the way! They know to look for and remove any problematic insects before they start the job.
  • They will do the job right – no streaks or smudges left behind.
  • They will save you time so you can sit back and enjoy your clean windows sooner!
  • They know how to safely remove tough hard water mineral deposits from windows.

Commercial Window Cleaning

If you are a business owner, you know there’s always something needing your attention, and cleaning your windows is likely far down on the list. But clean windows have been shown to boost the curb appeal of a business. They add to the overall appearance of cleanliness as well as demonstrating attention to detail.

Clean windows will allow more daylight to enter your business along with more of the sun’s warmth in colder months, both of which will decrease your power bill. Regular cleaning will also keep windows in concrete buildings free of the minerals that leach out of the concrete over time. Hard water deposits are also removed before they cause staining or weakening of the glass. We use a deionized water system to make sure that your windows are spot and streak free with a crystal clean finish.

So similar to sweeping, vacuuming, and trash removal, window cleaning is an investment in your business.

How will you clean my windows?

Getting windows streak and smudge free is not a complicated process. After removing your screens and if requested, we will pressure wash around your exterior windows. We remove any debris, mold, or insects that may be present. We will apply cleaner and then use a squeegee to remove it along with any remaining dirt or build-up.

On the interior we follow a similar process, minus the pressure washing, of course! We pay careful attention to the corners and tracks of the windows to remove any mold or cobwebs that might be present.

Our years of experience have helped us find and develop the right techniques to get your windows Crystal Clean.