Why should I clean my Solar Panels?

The cells of a solar panel are protected from the elements by a layer of glass, similar to window glass. Because they are usually in a more horizontal orientation than a window, they are naturally subject to collecting and holding onto more dust and debris. Dirt, bird droppings, and leaves can all affect the ability of the sun’s rays to reach the cells. Some studies have estimated the energy loss from dirty solar panels can reach as high as 25%. This can obviously increase the amount of time it takes to recoup your investment.

Residential Solar Panel Cleaning – Why hire somebody to do it?

Although cleaning a solar panel is similar to cleaning a window, there are additional factors to consider when doing it.

  • Most systems are installed on the roof of a home, requiring the use of a ladder to access them. If you are not comfortable with heights, the very idea might make your palms sweat. You may also inadvertently cause damage to your roof if you are not familiar with how to navigate it.
  • While cleaning the glass may be simple, the panels are part of an electrical system. If you move the panels while cleaning them, you may disrupt the wiring and cause problems in how the system functions.

Commercial Solar Panel Cleaning

Solar panel arrays on commercial buildings are susceptible to the same issues as those on a home and also require regular cleaning. Hiring a professional to do the job should be treated as part of the general maintenance of your commercial building.

Process of Solar Panel Cleaning

Cleaning solar panels is usually no more complicated than cleaning windows. Water is often sufficient by itself, but occasionally a special solar panel cleaning solution must be used. This is a job best done on an overcast day or in the early morning as direct sunlight can cause the water to evaporate too quickly leaving streaking and spotting, or causing the dirt to be simply moved around instead of removed.

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