A nice wet rainy season is important to all of us on the Central Coast, but it sure can make a mess of your windows.

It’s hard to enjoy our sunshiny days when they do come if your windows are water spotted or hazy.  But spending those sunny days cleaning windows is not at the top of anyone’s list.

Crystal Clean A1 Window Services specializes in bringing the sunshine back into your home or business. If you don’t have time to clean your windows, aren’t physically able, or just have something better to do, have us come out and clean them for you.

Clean windows are important for letting in the sunshine and washing them regularly can also prevent damage and scratches to the glass. Regularly cleaning the inside gets rid of cobwebs, as well as removing and preventing the mold that grows in the tracks and corners. If you own a business, clean windows will give it better curb appeal and show your attention to detail.

We also clean solar panels. Whether on your rooftop or on the ground, solar panels are constantly exposed to the elements and can get dirty even faster than windows, leading to a decrease in power production. Keeping your solar panels clean protects your investment.

Pressure washing is another service we offer. We pressure wash driveways, patios, and decks.

If your window screens or screen doors have tears, rips or holes in them, we can repair those for you as well. You’ll better enjoy the fresh air open windows and doors bring in if you’re not dealing with pesky flies and mosquitos at the same time.

We also offer new construction clean-up. Windows installed in new construction have been exposed to solvents and fumes, cement splatters, brick mortar, and all kinds of construction dust. They need to be cleaned carefully to remove any build-up without scratching the glass.

If you need to bring sunshine back into your home, give us a call today.